Ethiopia feb. 2010

Ethiopia in the Horn of Africa largely consists of a volcanically formed high plateau that is surrounded on three sides by a low-lying desert. The Ethiopian highlands have an average altitude of 2000 meters, with peaks to 4000 meters. This area has numerous rivers, lakes and valleys. South of Addis Ababa runs the Great Rift Valley (Rift Valley). The country is 1.1 million km in size (26.5 times larger than the Netherlands) and has 94 million inhabitants. The official language is Amharic, however there are 83 other languages that are spoken. The main religions in Ethiopia are Islam (34%) and Christianity (63%), the majority of which are Ethiopian Orthodox.

According to the Clements 2021 list, Ethiopia has 881 bird species, 19 of which are endemic. Independent travel is not recommended. At the time we had 'Tsara Travel from the Netherlands' who provided the accommodations. Bird lovers can indulge themselves. We had a professional bird guide 'Mihret Ewnetu' who indirectly provided us with beautiful images. We recommend 3 weeks to get an impression of this country. Enjoy the images.